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425 N Boylan


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From the Hillsborough CAC mailing list:

Jim Schaafsma and other representatives of landowner Southern Land Company (based in Nashville ) will present plans for redevelopment of a 1.7 acre site at the southwest corner of Boylan and Tucker Streets. This is directly across the street from the existing 712 Tucker apartments.

The plan was submitted to the City on May 19th as a mixed-use project for site plan approval. It is identified in the Planning Department as SP-23-11. It does not require rezoning approval.

A seven-story, 250-unit apartment complex with 13,000 SF of service retail is proposed. 70% of the units would be one bedroom, 30% two bedroom. Units would average approximately 850 square feet in size.

Parking spaces are planned at about 1.3 spaces per unit. Structured parking would be contained on the southwest side of the complex (side nearest St. Mary’s Street) and is proposed to be shielded for aesthetics and to prevent ambient light from headlamps and interior illumination sources being visible from the outside.

Seven stories means that this will most likely NOT be stick-built. Sounds pretty similar overall in size and density to Hue. The predominance of 1 bedroom units shows, to me, that they know pretty well where the demand is.

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I would hope the windows are bigger than Hue, which they look to be (the corners of Hue of course are all glass but the little vinyl windows make the whole building look cheap). Overall I think its a good project for that corner and its replacing a 1960's block style office building that imo has no historic or other redeeming qualities though its materials will recycle easily and at a high dollar.

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I haven't confirmed it myself, but some buildings where this will go have reportedly been recently demolished. I last went by here about two weeks ago and nothing had moved at that point.

Since this building is financed by a privately run pension fund, and they seemed to be interested in getting it built ASAP to hit the sweet spot in the market, I think of all the apartment projects not already started in Raleigh, this was the one that was most likely to happen.

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