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The future of space travel

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For those who think we have reached our peak in space travel technology, think again. Scientists have made some amazing discoveries which will lead us to space craft for deep space missions. Scientist have not only figured out how to trap antimatter, but they were able to trap it for 16 minutes which is an eternity in particle physics. Antimatter is the opposite of matter and the physics behind it will allow us to make long trips in space in a much shorter period of time. A round trip Mars trip would take two years by means of chemical propulsion but rockets fueled by antimatter would cut the round trip to two weeks. There is much about physics we still do not know. Eventually we will make greater discoveries ,if we haven't already made them ;) , that will lead to more exotic forms of propulsion that will allow us to travel to other solar systems in a short period of time. Then we will be aliens on other worlds.



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