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We Are All Stars

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While skylines and buildings can win awards and thrust cities into the national spotlight, the story of our success penetrates deeper than the surface. A place is defined by its people and their stories - Greenville is a special place because of our passion, our energy and our synergy.

Over the past decade our city has become a powerhouse for innovation, inspiring others and garnering attention from national audiences. We break the mold in more ways than one: we’re designing new technologies while still honoring our heritage; creating new industries while clinging to the legacy of our storied past. We do things differently here: many of us have an impact that’s felt at home and around the world without need for glitz and glamour. We, the people, are true local celebrities – We, the people, are true All-Stars.

We come in contact with All-Stars every day - it's the farmer that pushed hydroponics when everyone else was in the fields, it's the entrepreneur that risks it all for the sake of an idea, it's the restaurateur turned taco-trucker, it's the teen that's starting a charity, it's the veteran sharing his story, it's the girl at the coffee shop that lends a dollar with a cheerful heart. These are the people that make Greenville special and it's time that we make them shine.

Who are your local All-Stars.

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