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Idea Factory

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Here is a new topic thread just for any Idea Factory meetings upcoming or for those that have attended to recap what was discussed so the these post are not scattered into other threads.

The next upcoming Idea Factory is Thursday June 23, 2011 from 5-7pm at the Development Department at 1 Dexter Plaza (old Court Square building across from the fountain).

What will be discussed is extending the Riverwalk. Also they would like your ideas for this particular projects.

Refreshments provided by Back Forty Beer Co. I assume Dreamland BBQ will provide food as they have in the past but its not listed.

If you are not able make it to an Idea Factory and have a suggestion or idea, you can contact Tyler Caldwell via email with a proposal or idea. Also you can drop by the Development Department at anytime between 8-5 M-F.

From email:

"You are invited to the next Idea Factory on Thursday, June 23rd, from 5-7 at the Development Department. We will be discussing the extension of the Riverwalk and would like to solicit your ideas for how the Riverwalk can capitalize on the views of the river and the parks that will bookend it. The event will be sponsored by Back Forty Beer Co. Please join us for good company, good ideas, and good conversation.


Tyler Caldwell, CNU-a

Design Studio Coordinator

Department of Development

PO Box 1111

Montgomery, AL 36101

[email protected]


Stay updated on facebook"

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