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Has the Boro and RuCo died?

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I see progress, but not the big projects we're used to.

Nothing has really changed other than the progression of projects already mentioned. The most exciting projects include the Gateway Village Condos/Retail which is complete. Bella Optical has moved into one of the 1st level retail shops. MTSU's College of Education is complete, the Student Union and new entrance to campus are still under construction. Construction on a new parking garage and administrative facilities will begin this fall. Veteran's Parkway or exit 50 on I-840 has been extended from Manson Pike all the way to Highway 99. The next extension has started construction and will extend the loop to Highway 231. Eventually, Veterans Parkway will circle the entire city of Murfreesboro, providing new exits on Interstate 24 (most likely Exit 72) and on I-840 (Cherry Lane).

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