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Lawrence Technological University Vs. University of Michigan

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I attended Lawrence Tech for two years and now i am struggling with the decision to transfer to the University of Michigan. I have enjoyed LTU for the most part, academically, but the social aspect is really starting to annoy me. Don't get me wrong i have great friends there and an amazing studio culture, but if does not feel like college, or at least what i presume it should (animal house?). The animal house part was a joke but i really would like to attend football games and parties. I have been accepted to transfer to Taubman College but i do not want to transfer into to inferior program. Can anyone help me with this decision? I have 3 main questions

1) Which college has the stronger undergraduate architecture program?

2) What college has the most opportunities, job wise?

3) Whats the right decision?

Please help ASAP

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I received my bachelors at Lawrence Tech and my masters at Taubman College so I think I can answer you question although it ultimately comes down to where the student feels most comfortable.

As for which college is stronger (undergraduate wise) I would have to say Lawrence Tech. This is for a couple of reasons, the main factor is that you have more studio time over the 4 year period. As I am sure you have realized, design is not really something that can be taught, it has to be discovered by the individual, although teachers can point you in the right direction, you will not always have your teacher after college. Many courses I took in my freshmen year are very similar to the courses taught in the junior year at Taubman College.

Taubman College is known for their Masters program, so people think their undergraduate program would be equally great, which is not the case. Lawrence Tech's undergraduate program is far superior than Taubman College's. Ironically, Taubman College's graduate program is arguably the best in the country.

As for opportunities, Michigan is hands down the winner. They have great programs that seek out internships throughout the country, fellowships, and name brand recognition throughout the world.

Were at college to learn, so an argument about parties and social opportunities should not be voiced, college is about education. I would recommend staying at Lawrence Tech and then for graduate school get your world wide name brand school.

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