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Eco-Tech Park Planned for Lansing/Lansing Twp

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It's great to see that the mayor of Lansing is being proactive in getting the empty GM sites back up and used, and for a green technology park, no less. Let's hope he's successful:

Bernero seeks federal aid for two Lansing projects

By Barbara Wieland {sodEmoji.|} The Lansing State Journal

June 21, 2011

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero is in Washington, D.C., today trying to line up federal help for development projects at a former General Motors Co. factory site and the REO Town district near downtown.

Bernero plans to talk with Obama administration officials about assistance to transform the site of the former GM plant on Verlinden Street into a "green" manufacturing park. The site had been known as Fisher Body and the Lansing Car Assembly body plant at various points before it went out of production in 2005. The factory has since been torn down.


Work on the project could begin as early as this fall, and two interested manufacturers have already talked with the city about locating there. Trezise declined to name the companies.

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Well, that original plan seems to have changed, but a solar company is looking to put up a large solar facility on part of the former GM Verlinden plant site on the westside.


LANSING – A Vermont company wants to find a Lansing area location within the next 30 days for a 20-megawatt solar energy project that could nearly double Michigan’s capacity.


The project by groSolar, based in White River Junction, Vt., will be built within the Lansing Board of Water & Light’s service area and is the company’s first utility-scale endeavor of its kind in the state.


There is currently only one solar array in the city - the Cedar Street Solar Array, downtown - but it's more of a demonstration project than anything. 



Rod Sanford {sodEmoji.|} Lansing State Journal


Anyway, while the Verlinden site seems to be the one getting the most attention, they are looking at all kinds of sites in the BWL service area.

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