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Another good ranking for NWA

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I think most of us know NWA tends to do pretty well in a number of polls and rankings of good places to live. I figured I'd make one general topic to put these posts into.

Speaking of which MSN Real Estate ranked NWA 10th in most livable bargain markets. The few cons mentioned, was fewer cultural amenities than other areas. But it did mention that NWA is growing in this area. We all know Crystal Bridges will certainly be a huge step forward. Another con is higher obesity rates. Arkansas has been one of the worst states in that area. While NWA has typically been the best in the state in that area. I guess being the best in a state rated so low still doesn't look too great. And then one more con was the lack of public transportation. I'm still hoping ORT manages to get the funding needed and also help us out in that area as well. Here's a link.


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