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I-51 Unoffical Proposal

Antrell Williams

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Since the Baton Rouge metro has few north-south arteries, and I-55 is outside of the metro, I drew this up. It's been in my head for some time now, figured I'd post it here.

The major cities it traverses through would be (from south to north) Houma, Baton Rouge, roughly following Hwy 61 (Airline Hwy) to Natchez, Monroe, possibly El Dorado, Pine Bluff, and using I-530 to connect to Little Rock/Conway.

The route could continue north to Springfield, MO using U.S. 65's route.

The stretch of I-XX that would pass through our beloved Baton Rouge would be in the eastern part of the parish, giving the north side (Zachary, NBR, St. Francisville, etc) a faster connection to the city.

What do you all think about it? Do we need it? This could permanently replace the I-410 proposals that come up, while being cheaper for the city itself (not sure) and not encouraging sprawl like the loop would have done.

Keeping up with numbering rules, it would have to be either I-51 or I-53.

LA-AK stretch, each blue dot is representative of each of the major cities.


LA/MS stretch


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Hey Antrell...I can dig it :shades: I sure would have used it on my trips to Arkansas & Houma...a lot of Hwy 61 is already 4-lane Interstate quality in MS to Natchez..

I'm guessing I-49 will finally be completed up to Texarkana?? However... north of that it looks like the rest will NEVER be built thru the Ouachita Mountains??? So this I-51 OR 53 would make it ideal/much easier for Gulf/ BR to KC/Omaha/Canada link (eventhough you would have to trek a west on I-40 to Fort Smith) That's the route I-49 was touting..maybe the mountains were too much $$ headache??

I-65 north of Conway would be nice..but with it so close to I-540(Ft Smith/Fayetteville/Joplin) it might not be as easy to pull off??

As it stands there is no easy/conveiniant way to get from BR to Houma...somehow they would have to implement the Sunshine Bridge or the Gramercy Bridge to nowhere that's finally supposed to be extended.

Keep them good idea's comin, :thumbsup:

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I believe 9 of 11 segments of I-49 to AR are under construction. I really don't believe it will penetrate the Ouachitas in our lifetime. Yes we will have another connection rather than just I-55.

Instead of I-66, just rename I-530 I-51 and pick up off of I-40 in Conway when it turns west and I-51 continues to Springfield and then KC.

Little ambitious but that's what it takes..

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Ok, I'm bored again.

Taking into account my I-51 idea and I-110 being enxtended to just past Zachary, this is an alternate I-51 proposal. The first I-51 cut through many urban areas of BR so it would have been much more involved, this new proposal merely takes the place of 61 up to Natchez, creating bypasses for St. Francisville and Woodville, 425 to Vidalia would be designated I-51, past that point is pretty much straight to Monroe (or up to Bastrop) without any dedicated parallel.



I must have 50 different ideas for south LA as a whole.

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It would do alot for Natchez as a destination, as well as being economically beneficial for some of the afflicted communities in Northeast La. I see one big road block for the project that comes in the form of West Feliciana Parish. NIMBY! NIMBY! NIMBY! I can hear it already.

Pointe Coupee would welcome it if you had it cross the river before St. Francisville, but that puts the route almost pointlessly close to I-49.

If we want to get to Little Rock with this, could Alexandria be the southern terminus of I-51 and then have it go up to Monroe following the US 165 route? I'm thinking that would lower the cost, but I'm afraid it would bring the economic impact you were seeking to Alexandria and Monroe instead of BR.

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