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Building Buffalo


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I am a new transplant to Buffalo and this city is amazing. Yes it has it problems, but so does every city that I have lived so far. I have lived in Orlando, Nashville, Scranton, Austin, Chattanooga and now Buffalo. Everyone wants what they don't have and believe that those things will improve the quality of life.

Buffalo has a self image problem. The only way to change it, is within our citizens. We need to focus, on not what we don't have, but what we DO have. We have to stop giving up and saying, “Oh that's Buffalo for you”... That's not Buffalo for you! That is POOR leadership of our city. If we want to be one of these cities that turns around and recovers, then we need to stop electing leaders that benefit more with things staying the way they are.

Do we really need a chain store to complete our city? Buffalo is an incredible mixture of Culture, Art and Scenery. In my job, I have traveled to almost every major US city and trust me, all Bass Pro Shops are the same. That is not the answer for Buffalo. I find the local stores, restaurants and entertainment to be very refreshing. Do we need another Starbucks, TGI Fridays, Olive Garden, ETC??? Buffalo has what most other cities would kill for, a true spirit! Let us use that spirit to make a bigger and better Buffalo. But lets' keep it Buffalo! Thank you for everyone being so hospitable to me so far. Finally, yes I know it gets cold and snows a lot!

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