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Wofford Heights

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I was reading through the City Council reporton the HJ website and I noticed that about 5 "streets" were abandoned in the Wofford Heights. This is cool because 1) I didn't know that neighborhood had a name, and 2) there is a 15 acre redevelopment project that is proposed for the area. What's more is that Councilwoman Linda Dogan is in support of the project. I guess since it's in her district she's more inclined to do that.

So here's what we know about this redevelopment project so far:

  • Size: 15 acres, comprising all of the residential portion of Wofford Heights.
  • Developer: Mike Bijeau of "2A LLC" plans to find a developer for this site.
  • Zoning, and thus the buildings, will have to conform to the newly adopted Urban Code.

I created a map of the project area based on the description in the Herald-Journal. This may not be 100% accurate, but it should be close. Brown is the project area, red are the abandoned public rights of way (ROW). It should be noted that Google's map has "Horseshoe Alley" label instead of its true name, Noah Place, with the top portion of the street and that unnamed ROW being called "Panther Pl."


Does anyone have any additional information about this project?

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So, I drove by this area today to see if I could find out anything about this development. I found this sign:


As you can see, the sign shows a web address: www.woffordcommons.com


Alas, the website seems to only be soliciting interest in development. It gives info about the site, the city, etc. However, if you click "Downloads", there are a few renderings of possible development ideas for the area. Interestingly, they say 2009 on them. Being a few years old, some look like they might not be acceptable under the new Urban Code. "Market Analysis" has some good info, too.

Anyway, check out the website.

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Those plans are garbage, but they do reference the Master Plan a lot. I'm not really concerned about what happens there though. Except for walking to campus, there is really no benefit to having anything but atuo oriented development there. As long as they make the walk to campus appealing, I can live with whatever they decide to put there.

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