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racism in America


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Here is a social experiment from ABC's What Would You Do? that proves racism and stereotyping is alive today. Two actors pretend like they are stealing a bike. One actor is white and the other is black. While both actors were stopped and question by people walking by, people were more hostile towards the black actor and many called the police on the black actor. There were very few calls if any when the white actor was trying to steal the bike and the people were much nicer to him when they questioned him.


another case thats similar where white boy actors vandalize a car and black boy actors vandalize a car. When the the white boys were vandalizing the car, there were only a few calls to 911 while most everyone else just looked and moved on. When the black boys did the same thing, just about everyone was calling 911. Nearby while the white actors were vandalizing the car, the black actors were pretending to be sleep in a parked car and there were more 911 calls on the black boys sleeping in the car than the white boys vandalizing a car.


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it's real, but when the topic comes up, people are quick to shhh it.

It's a touchy subject for all sides. I think most that get involved in the discussion have a tendency to have a high defense or offense when it isn't necessarily needed which throws the entire conversation into a downward spiral.

Yes, it is unfortunately very real and may always be. I'm pretty sure that blue isn't any worse or better than green thus I don't see why that way of thinking is carried over to the real world. It's a childish game at best, and I'm not even sure that most children can go that low. :ermm:

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I think there are obvious reasons why people don't like to bring race up but its a conversation the country must have if race relations are to get better. Sure this country has come a long way. We have an African-American president. But there is still a long way to go. Most racism today is not obvious.

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