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Driving Around

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Last Saturday I had a couple of hours to kill so I thought I would check out a few things. The River Market had more people in it on a Saturday afternoon than I can remember seeing without a special event. Even the trolleys were running at SRO. The Clinton Library Park Bridge looks the same as the last time I was there and the Wetlands have yet to open. I wonder if the flooding this past spring has anything to do with it because a lot of it, including the walkways, were under water at that time.

Saturday also saw workers at Porter's Jazz Cafe on Main Street in Little Rock.

Nothing really going on in Argenta except the old police sub-station building on Main has been demolished.

As usual construction was going on at UAMS.

I also ventured down Fair Park to UALR. Looks like construction is almost finished on the Honors Dorm and U.S. Pizza has opened up across Fair Park just south of 32nd. It was also the first time I have seen the apartments built for students across Asher and work is going on south of them for UALR's new sports complex. There are also two major buildings under construction on the UALR campus.

At Park Avenue the outside of Cheddar's is almost complete and looks like work on other buildings closer to Target will start soon.

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The wetlands project is currently planning to open near the end of next month. We'll see if they manage that, but I'm quite impressed with their vision of it. If it's anything like the renderings I've seen thus far, it'll be a very nice addition to that area.

Nice thoughts/reflections on your journey around town!

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