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Spartanburg: Part I

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Well after all this time I finally have a way to display pictures. But I've been saving these for a while, so I have these plus many, many more which will come later.



The City of Spartanburg is located in an area in South Carolina called the Upstate.


The Upstate of SC

It is located in the Greenville-Spartanburg Metropolitan Area - The new CSAs are more complex, and I havent amde a map for those.


The Greenville-Spartanburg Metro Area


Spartanburg County

These are some photos of Downtown. The day I took these was sometime last year on a cold/rainy fall day. At the time it was my only available day to take pictures.


This is looking west along Main St.


This is looking east down the same section on Main St.


This is of Morgan Square.


More Morgan Square, but in the other direction. The tall building in the background is the Montgomery Building.


Looking North along Church St.


This is an old post card of what this same view used to look like. Note the buildings on the left which were razed for the expansion of Church St.


This is the BB&T tower, which ironically no longer houses BB&T- It is the HQ of Dennys Inc.




Our brand new bus station,


Schuyler Apartments- This is the other "highrise" that Spartanburg has.


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Very cool! I was wondering what your city looked like. In that second shot of Morgan Square, it appears a new building is near completion. What is it going to be? I like the architecture.

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Acutally, it has been completed for some time now. That is the Extended Stay America Headquaters.


This is ESA before it was completed. It was taken on the same day as the others. I will try to find one that shows it completed.

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Thanks for posting these! I don't think I've ever seen photos of Spartanburg on any forum before.

The city looks better than I'd expected it to. I'm looking forward to seeing more. :)

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The Montgomery Building was recently restored and updated on the interior with new systems. It's one of those buildings few people know about.

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