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Projects I would like to see resurrected are:

1) Signature Tower @ 55 stories and 700 feet. Not the 70 story and 1057 foot version.

2) The Federal Courthouse.

3) West End Summit in the 15 story range.

4) The Lionstone Project.

5) Neuhoff Meat Packing Plant Artists Lofts and Village.

Honorable Mention would be The Westin, or Encore II. Obviously, Nashville City Center II is my wish of all time.

There are at least 50 more, but I won't post them all but that is my top five.


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I spent the weekend in Atlanta and stayed at the Midtown W Hotel. When in that area, it's evident that Nashville is lacking things Atlanta has. Midtown and the area around the W Hotel remind me of what the area around West End Summit could be like. Walkable, interesting, fairly dense, pedestrian oriented. If it were up to me, the stretch from WES to downtown would be full of pedestrians, dense housing/office, etc. I hate the car dealerships. They ruin the area. All that to say I'd like to see WES built, and hopefully, the area around it would evolve over time. Second would be Signature Tower.

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I am all for seeing the Midtown/West End area develop into a particularly Nashville version of Atlanta's Midtown or Boston's Back Bay. It's getting there. Thus I would like to see the West End Summit crown the hill and make provide a spectacular gateway to this area.

I feel confident that lightrail along Broadway/West End will become a reality sooner than later. This will link downtown to Midtown and benefit both areas. And midtown keeps adding more hotels and residential, so I am sure retail will follow.

I would next like to see the Lionstone property develop (with once upon a time rumored 26 story 'W' Hotel) to link the downtown skyline through SoBro and the gulch to midtown. Nashville would then have a 40 block long, continuous skyline.

Long term, the lightrail needs to be extended to the Green Hills retail area which would really complete the area as an alternative City center that would be unique in the Southeast, outside of Atlanta of course.

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