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Urbanplanet's new look


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It is definitely taking some getting used to.  The marker that tells if a thread is read or not is different. If read, there is a dot and the thread is highlighted.  It used to be a yellow flag that stood out better.  I have been confused when clicking on a thread in that I would just click on the title, but I really wanted to click on the last page number.  I used to do that, but found myself clicking on the title now.  Not sure why, because I don't remember what it used to look like.  The page numbering under the title should not be a lightened gray since that is where you normally want to go if there are more than say 2 pages per thread.  There is always an ad in the second most recently posted thread which is terrible.  The ad is fine, but it would be much better served by placing it between the Coffeehouse at the top and the Recent Posts list.  There is already a natural break there.  I have been thinking that no one has been posting since the change happened.

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The only positive I have found is that the page loads much faster now.  Also, when replying (like now), the Post button doesn't work (at least in Chrome).  I have to hit the More Reply Options button and then the Reply button on the next page works.  I don't know if it works properly in Firefox or IE.

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