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Reinvention of Ryman Alley moves closer to reality

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jice    15

I would kinda dislike seeing this alley as more of a 'pedestrian gathering place' than it already is.. just because it is a lesser known back entry into the lower broadway bars, and also its a good lesser known place to see stars during big events like CMA fest. I guess I like that it is mostly 'unknown' :)

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timmay143    504

Ah, nice perspective jice. I get what you mean. Sometimes you like to have lesser well known things to remain that way. It gives a nice balance. I can see how annoying it could be if the overflow from the "main stream" Broadway crowd infiltrated this area. However, we have to love 'em because they make the (front) area what it is.

Kind of like the dependence of Nashville on its suburbs and vice-versa. I hate when people complain about Nashville-Davidson Co. when they live in Wilson, Williamson, Mt. Juliet, Franklin, Murfreesboro, etc. Same goes for Nashville about those places. We need both to function like we do. Neither would be as great without the other.

Another analogy is ice hockey. Not as well known here in Nashville even with the Predators (compared to "traditional" markets). It doesn't make sense then for those hockey "elite" or "true" die hard fans from day one to shun those who are not as "educated" in hockey or new to the game. An upper echelon similaritu is Canadians or the traditional teams such as the Original 6, hating on teams and fans like the Predators. Wouldn't you want the sport you so dearly love to be enjoyed by others like your own experiences? Of course every team has those annoying fans who troll, unclassy, bandwaggon, etc. However, it is sometimes necessary to look at the picture as a whole.

My final analogy comes from the computer world. The lesser known Linux OS is great. However, some hard core programmer-hackers-etc. hate that some successful distros such as Ubuntu are becoming more main stream. However, they and others, at the same time, hate when Winodws and Mac overshadow Linux. So which is it? You need a nice balance. Linux will probably never be as popular or widespread as the big 2, but embrace people, like me, who have transitioned to distros like Ubuntu, even though I am far from being a hard core programmer, etc.

Anyways, sorry for the tangent. Hopefully a nice balance will come about from this, maybe opening the doors for some the see this area more while the majority stick to the surface so that both can function together and keep most of their identities.

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