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Casinos all over North Carolina?


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What if a 40-story Native American owned casino hotel opened in the heart of uptown Charlotte? or Native American owned casinos in Raleigh, Greensboro, WIlmington, ect?, its all possible depending on what deals are made.......

"State leaders also would have a say in what kind of new card games might be offered, and they would not prohibit gambling in all parts of North Carolina, leaving room for a casino elsewhere."



If casino gambling were legal all across North Carolina, that would likely prompt South Carolina to do the same. I can predict where South Carolina's casino gambling mecca would be....MYRTLE BEACH! Currently the only legal casino in NC operates in Cherokee, NC (Indian reservation)

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Ugh, I hope that doesn't happen. Let gambling stay in Nevada.

Well there is a plus side and a downside. The plus side is that casinos bring in tourists and a windfall of revenue. When the tourists come in, it leads to more non-casino related entertainment attractions and developments. The downside is that casinos would change the character of cities and communities particularly cities that have that family values image. I just could not image Greensboro turning into a mini Las Vegas. That would be so out of character for Greensboro. Casinos lead to crime and prostitution. So there are probably more negatives than positives. However having ONE major casino in a city wouldn't have a negative impact on a community. I just wouldn't want to see a casino strip like in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. If casinos were legal in South Carolina, developers would be foaming at the mouth in Myrtle Beach which is already one of the biggest tourist destinations in the Carolinas. There are already casino boats in Myrtle Beach.

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This actually sounds like a great idea, it will boost North Carolinas tourism and put revenue into the community. I think a lot of the casinos should be put in the Triad since it's centrally located between all of the major NC cities, as well as other NC cities. This plan will add more vibrancy to the state, despite the extra baggage it could bring(crime, hookers, etc.).

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Gov Perdue signs Cherokee gaming expansion deal which would allow live table gambling. This move also opens the door to native american run casinos opening across the state even in urban cities such as Charlotte or Greensboro.


Wow, so they actually went through with it! So what exactly does this mean for the major cities of NC? I only saw them talking about live table gambling, but I didn't see the other commercial gambling games(slot machines, etc). Do you know if this plan will include the commercial gambling we see in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, New Orleans, etc.

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