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Urban Apartment Boom (Raleigh)

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Kudos to Raleigh and the Complete Triangle CSA for its impressive. I do hope Wake county passes Meck Co soon , so that can be put to rest, We have accepted that we will no longer have those bragging r

Metropolitan construction 11/30/16 (former Greyhound site)   {

Agreed on all fronts, but I wish they would start with some of the uglier buildings on the street with terrible urban form.. The buildings being replaced by this are not especially nice or distinctive

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I just walked by here finally and see quite a bit of work done already. Most of the subsurface and site work is done and now the erector set parking deck is up to the 4th level in the center portion. This means 7 of the downtown core buildings are well under way...not counting Cameron Village and NC State area stuff we have:

Devon: almost done..some units available for occupancy now

Skyhouse: top level windows almost done. Guessing 75% construction complete

L: topped out with windows and brick exterior being worked on

Elan: 4th story framing going up

Link: Deep excavation proceeding

Lincoln: As stated above

Edison: Site work proceeding

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^^Is construction 100% complete on the St Mary's Square apartment complex?

Yeah and it appears to be close to 100% occupied. All the stoop entrances on St Mary's street are occupied and all the large-windowed corner units too. 


Interestingly (as an aside), Greystar (whose Elan wing is building our Elan) appears to be managing Devon and Tucker among other buildings in Raleigh. 

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Apt/condo tower on E. Martin Street by Hobgood Architects for Hobby Properties who own the lot.

Could you please provide a link for this photo? I find it hard to believe that this picture represents a real project...Sorry, but I have learned not to get my hopes up to high...though I do dream!

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Could you please provide a link for this photo? I find it hard to believe that this picture represents a real project...Sorry, but I have learned not to get my hopes up to high...though I do dream!


All I have is what was posted to Twitter by New Raleigh, that the rendering is by Hobgood Architects for the site owners, Hobby Properties. No more details on it. Until I see something on BizJournal I'm going to have to file it as a conceptual renderings in my opinion. Still, I hope it is a real proposal.

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That is impressively tall for the plot it will be on. 17 floors! Possibly the thinnest building in the state if it gets built.

I count 18 even. That is a pretty great infill project if it comes about. I'd guess only one unit per floor...? I often walk around downtown and dream up great uses for tiny lots like this, and this is right along some of my crazy thought lines. 

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The lot is about 2500sf. The rendering shows about 1/5 of that area taken up by open space and what looks like the stair/elevator tower. So roughly 2000 square feet of usable space per floor. Could be 2 units per floor, could be 1, or could even be 2 floors per unit. At any rate, this kind of construction could only possibly be "ultra luxury" and thus I would say pretty unlikely to be built.

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The Raleigh Public Record is reporting that 


The other site plan on the agenda was 15-13, a 19-story, mixed-use building that will contain 14,350 square feet of retail and 245,895 square feet of office space. It will be located on the southeast corner of Martin and Wilmington Streets downtown. The plan itself was a resubmittal that included a 48-percent reduction in required parking spaces; the 6-level integrated parking structure will contain 315 spaces.


Is this the Hobby properties development or Edison office? 



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