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Looking for projects on elderly housing

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For a research on forms of (collective) elderly housing I'm looking for interesting built projects in western cultures all over the world.

Some of the criteria for selecting the projects are:

- the project is a private initiative

- when designing the project there was a particular idea about future flexibility/usability

Looking forward to see your comments.


Maarten Konijn


The Netherlands

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      Here's a link to the just-released iQuilt Plan in the form of a "Pocket Guide": http://iq2.squarespa...0Jan%202012.pdf

      The full 120-page Overview is supposed to be online on January 24.

      There has been a lot of news coverage of the iQuilt recently:

      The Plan is also relevant to other Urban Planet discussions on downtown Hartford, including proposed renovations of the XL Center, and the State of Connecticut possibly relocating many of its office into downtown commercial space, and freeing up its holdings, especially around Bushnell Park, for housing.
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      Two new downtown housing projects are in the works. Both will be aimed at students and have internal parking structures. They are also in great locations and within walking distance to Dickson and the University.

      Project Columbia will be located where the University Baptist Church's SAC building is currently located on the NW corner of Watson and Campbell. This building will have a 6 level parking structure surrounded by 137 unit housing complex. This is what I can tell from the plans (see link below). The 1-4 bedroom units will have close to 500 bedrooms total. (This complex may be closer to 200 units according to the Fayetteville Flyer). I do know that UBC has been looking to sell the SAC building and may have it under contract currently.

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      I'd love to see this happen but I'll believe it when I see it.
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