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Anderson Cooper: the CIA's #1 propaganda agent?

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Anderson Cooper is perhaps America's #1 television newsman. His popularity is remarkable, particularly among women, and he has recently won a talk show.

Anderson Cooper attended Yale, majoring in Political Science. During that time he "interned" with the CIA. He studied under the CIA's mass communications program.

After graduation, he "decided not to work for the CIA" and went into news broadcasting. me, but the CIA isn't exactly an organization that someone just "quits" is it? Isn't the CIA like the Mafia---you just don't walk away from it. You're a member for life....what I've always heard.

Especially the fact that Anderson interned with CIA mass communications....isn't the possibility that he is still a CIA agent highly probable?

All those foreign broadcasts of Anderson "in the field" could be one huge sham, just to spread the CIA's despicable agenda.

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