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Suntrust Tower lighting


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Actually, it is lit every night now lately. Up until about a couple months ago, that tower had been dark since I moved downtown 2 years ago...except for on special nights like when we hosted NBA playoff games. I thought perhaps the building was trying to save a few bucks.

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I always liked it, personally. But I've never seen it illuminated. Will be cool to see what modern LEDs can do for it. The fountain in Lake Eola looked 1,000X more vivid with LED lighting.

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I've always liked it too, but I never understood why the city neglected it for so long...

A fatal combination of expense and embarrassment, I assume. Didn't live here at the time, but seeing as how every time the piece is mentioned in print that the writer/reporter/columnist/blogger is required to mention that it was controversial, expensive and "ugly."


To me, though, that bit of color gives it a story. Rather than just a random piece of modern art dotting a cityscape, it's "The Asparagus." It has a colorful past, which makes it stand out.

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How hard is it to rip out some halogen track lighting, go to sunbelt rent a boom lift, go to skycraft and put some LED's all daisy chained, and give 'ol Buddy the key fob remote to control it.


Seems like this should of been a local lighting company write off, or a project for some vo-tech kids, or even an eagle scout project since it's public. Just get the fountain people to retrofit it, it'll take a weekend.


But, whatever you do, DO NOT get the people who did those horrible LED isotopes in the trees. That install job is atrocious and tacky, not to mention hurting the trees.

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