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I saw a thread on the Charlotte forum that I really thought was a good idea. I wanted to get some ideas for a wish list of development projects for Nashville. I can add or cross off the list as we go. I am very open to any new items that you have so we can add them. As an item gets completed, we can put the completion date as well. I was going to try and put these in some kind of order of urgency but realized that is a matter of opinion, so the items will be in no particular order.

Nashville Medical Mart

Federal Courthouse

Development of a major downtown retail project with for example, an urban target

Completion of Giarratana’s SoBro apartment tower

Ray Hensler’s apartment tower on Demonbreun

New Sounds stadium (again a matter of opinion of location) but most want it close to downtown area.

New Westin or W hotel downtown

New Lionstone building on Round About

New Bristol Development Apartment building @ Round About

Completion of KVB with new Round About @ Lafayette and 8th

Country Music Hall of Fame expansion

Neuhoff proposal for property bordering Germantown

Old Thermal site development (Stadium or Amphitheater) My preference for this location is mixed use, however anything at this point would be an improvement.

Redevelopment of the Fairgrounds

The 505 CST

Urban streetcar System/ BRT in urban core and expanded to Belle Meade

Redevelopment of Hickory Hollow and Bellevue Mall sites

Completion of the Riverfront redevelopment stated in master plan of East Bank

Amtrak Service restored to Nashville

Completed passenger rail system to satellite communities (8 county region) either LTR or HRT

Redevelopment of East Bank

Removal of PSC Metals out of the Downtown area and replacement with mid rise residential.

The OneC1ty development

Completion of a total walk able Nashville i.e. sidewalks, bike lanes, greenways

Underground utilities ordinance from city council

A major corporate relocation to Downtown

Complete Infill of the Gulch area that includes all proposed office towers with flatiron building facing Icon.

Crosland’s Development of the North Gulch

Complete infill of the SoBro/ Rolling Mill hill area

Completion of new Hyatt Place hotel DT

Eakin tower on Demonbreun

African American Museum on Jefferson

State Museum and Archives buildings built in North Capital

Infill of all State surface lots with new state office buildings and structured parking

At least one 700’ to 800’ tower downtown

Completion of WES (some say under 20 others say over 20 stories)

All surface parking banned in the downtown area

Continued growth of technical/medical related business

Removal of Interstate system and change over to Blvds. per the plan of Nashville

Developments like Werthan Mills (have to qualify this one as there are not a lot of areas left for this kind of conversion other than completion of Werthan complex, Neuhoff area and Marathon village)

Continued development of sustainable projects i.e. LEED

Abolishing the set back variance exceptions. Make it mandatory with no exceptions in the core and demand construction to the sidewalks.

Completion of Park 25

New Public Health Center on Charlotte

Nashville School of the Arts in Germantown/Capital Heights area

A major Airline hub @ BNA

A mixed use development in SoBro with Retail, Commercial, Services, Structured Parking, & Green Space

Belmont College enrollment @ 10,000

Thanks to all who contributed to this project.

I left some very specific wishes off to keep from becoming extremely repetitive and most are incorporated into overall list

This was a little harder than I had anticipated and hope I didn’t leave much off the list. Very easy to do when working with multiple list for sure.

6 to 10 story Flatiron building @ Broadway and Westend

Added wishes

A beautification/renovation of the Green Hills Mall area with sidewalks, decorative traffic and street lights, street furniture and parking garages.

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A beautification/renovation of the Green Hills Mall area with sidewalks, decorative traffic and street lights, street furniture and parking garages.

I would like to see the same concept implemented for Hillsboro High with a complete urban makeover for the school. Keep the campus (although many want to sell it), but help it fit in with the surroundings better. (more park like landscaping, brick facades, discrete parking, additional buildings up to the sidewalk).

And encourage more density in this area with mid-rise office and residential.

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An appropriate overhaul to the East Nashville five points area with an anarchist/bohemian touch to it could be desirable. In other words, clean it up a little, but do just the minimum. Let whatever development that wants to happen just happen.

I would also like the historic Woodland Street Recording Studio be protected and taken care of properly by private investors and become a club/studio/museum. It could become an icon for East Nasty, America's new Greenwich Village.

But no brick sidewalks and crosswalks and no bleeping roundabout for God' sake. Just remove some junk and a few power poles and let it be what it is; genuine! Not some planners version of Main Street Disneyworld.

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I agree that this would really move nashville forward, it would be amazing. In the book Plan of Nashville a drawing of a large courtyard or street centered on Ryman Auditorium would also be nice. It would be one of the most photographed sites in the city.

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