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Neghiborhoods on the move/up & coiming areas


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This is an article I found in the Nashville Ledger Titled “Hot Hoods”. It makes for some interesting reading and one surprise is that the Wedgewood area is making a comeback along with other emerging neighborhoods. http://www.nashvilleledger.com/editorial/Article.aspx?id=56220

There is also a link to a website called infill Nashville


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I am just trying to get the hell out of Bellevue! Although Bellevue has exploded over the past ten years with traditional suburban sprawl and apartment buildings, the area still does not have any identity, and it lacks a closely woven fabric of culture and character (i.e. East Nashville, Hillsboro Village, West End Park, Sylvan Park etc...). The developments are disjointed, and it is either a community of older residents, or transients living in the apartments who for all intensive purposes are going to move as soon as they get the opportunity. Yes, there are tens of thousands of families, but the Highway 100 side is more progressive with better (architecturally speaking) developments than the Highway 70 side.

To that end, I welcome future opportunity to live in or near the city core.

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