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The Nashville Urban Planet End Of Year Awards.

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Okay, I know this is not a real award ceremony, but the following forum posters and city leaders are on the ballot. Feel free to chime in with your awards.

1) Come Back Award goes to Fieldmarshaldj for making a few appearances after many years away.

2) Out Of Hibernation Award goes to It's Just Dave who also made a couple of meetings this year. Welcome back Dave.

3) The Machine Award goes to a man who should get this every year: Smeagolsfree, or a.k.a. Ron. Great work as always Ron. You keep us informed.

4) Journalist Of The Year Award goes to William Williams for his continued writing of the built environment.

5) The Visionary Award goes to Tony Giarratana for inspiring us all to think big in 2012. Let's hope his projects get built.

6) Moderator Of The Year Award goes to Smeagolsfree again! Ron came back to us after a period of being away and has taken the site by storm as I have had to lay back because of work and other commitments.

7) The Most Enthusiastic Award goes to Timmay143. No-one has more passion and interest than Tim.

8) The Urban Dweller Award goes to Nashvillebound. Todd was a pioneer living downtown with a family!

9) The It Will Happen This Year Award goes to Alex Palmer. Yes, we know West End Summit will happen any minute!

10) The You Disappointed Us Again Award goes to for not getting the federal courthouse done for the 11th year in a row.

Honorable Mention goes to Dmillsphoto for making a forum meet! Our first official newcomer to a group meet! Thanks Daniel for proving we are not just a bunch of nut cases! We are nothing to fear!

Feel free to list yours!


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Thanks for the HM. However I think it just solidifies the fact that we all are crazy to some degree, and you just found a (in person) new member to add to the insanity.

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