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21 hours ago, musiczealot said:

My default response to people saying they want the "old" Nashville is "Today, would you rather live in Nashville or Memphis?"  Not to pile on Memphis (we spent some time in Memphis in January for a Grizzlies game - there is so much potential in their DT), but that usually nips any complaining in the bud.


The only reason for that is probably the perception of crime being rampant there.

Nashville is crime ridden in and of itself. It even has 12 year olds committing crime.

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7 minutes ago, Ingram said:


The only reason for that is probably the perception of crime being rampant there.

Nashville is crime ridden in and of itself. It even has 12 year olds committing crime.

I agree with this. Memphis has an awful crime problem, as all of us know, but our crime statistics are nothing to write home about either.

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4 hours ago, PHofKS said:




Cable Network (Rank)






Current Status


Very Cavallari


E (40)


Kristin Cavallari


Wife of Vandy/Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler




Renewed for season 2




Very Cavallari premise: "Wife of Quarterback"


lauren conrad.gif

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20 minutes ago, PruneTracy said:

To be fair Jay Cutler is really just "Husband of C-List Reality TV Star".

Just kidding Jay, you know I used to love playing fantasy teams that started you.

I actually watched a few episodes the other day.  First thoughts are that Cavillari needs to fire every one of the gals and guys she has working for her company (even though I'm sure it's more about the tv show than her actual business).  Second thought is that Jay is going to get bored very quickly hanging around that silly group of women.  Third...they actually show some nice shots of Nashville and some of the restaurants and businesses.

Overall, though...the show will make you despair for our nation's future. :tw_grimace::tw_scream:

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5 minutes ago, PaulChinetti said:

Agreed it has to be for the show, some of the people she has working for her get so many chances. It HAS to be manufactured, or they have another whole office of people taking care of the actual business. 

That's what I was thinking.  Surely those people don't REALLY all work there.

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3 hours ago, MLBrumby said:

Metro issued $1.43 billion WITH A B!! in building permits in the third quarter of FY'19.  With one quarter to go, levels are already approaching total levels for previous two years. Could well be a record year. 

NBJ: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2019/04/09/boom-metro-approves-record-smashing-amount-of.html

Among the developments receiving the heftier building permits last quarter are:

  • Peabody Plaza, the office building Eakin Partners is building on Hermitage Avenue next to the Trolley Barns development.
  • A parking garage at Nashville International Airport
  • Asurion's headquarters in the Gulch
  • A two-hotel project across from Music City Center, including a 30-story Embassy Suites and a luxury 1 Hotel
  • The 20-story office building Endeavor Real Estate Group is building on Demonbreun Street and 13th Avenue South

This may have something to do with why Mayor Briley thinks he can afford the city employee cost of living increase next year. 

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Of all the things that have relocated here from Memphis over the years, I would’ve felt guilty over this one. Apparently they considered dismantling Graceland brick-by-brick and moving it to Nashville:


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I look at that list and think, "it must be great to be an old person who loves walking around old buildings!"  

When visiting family friends at Fairfield Glade in Crossville (a mega empty-nester community) I remember seeing all these bus-tour events that traveled to Nashville to hit many of those spots above, especially the Country Music Hall of Fame.  While I think this is a great list for out of towners, Nashville doesn't offer much for families.  The Zoo is pretty good (twice a year MAX) and the Science Center needs to update their exhibits.  I know I am preaching to the choir here... but if we still had Opry Land that would have brought so many families back into Nashville and with the growth in tourism and population to the mid-state... who knows what hotel growth that would have created. 

Think about it for a moment... when Opry Land was big, downtown Nashville was still sketchy and didn't draw a lot of tourists.  NOW look at Nashville.  With the influx of 20-somethings and it becoming a "destination city", Opry Land would be a MASSIVE success.  You'd think many more hotels would be needed... maybe the ones built recently would be taller?   Anyways...  I know no one will build an amusement park from scratch these days but it would be so successful in Nashville. 

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