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15 hours ago, Baronakim said:

Pretty much 90%+ of the buildings in this are GONE!!!

Well, not 90%, but much of everything on the south side of Church Street (excluding the churches) to the west of Downtown Presbyterian was demo'd by the 1990s. They'd already gotten rid of the magnificent Watkins Institute building by the time of the snapshot, so it was definitely headed in the wrong direction. :-(

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6 minutes ago, colemangaines said:

Apologies if this has been discussed before and I missed it; is there any word on that's proposed for the Ragland lot on 2nd Ave between KVB and Molloy? Can't find anything immediately obvious on parcel viewer.


Just rumor, currently

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6 minutes ago, Bos2Nash said:

Additional information from the article....

  • Provisions include operators must provide a seat for every passenger and passengers would be required to be seated when the vehicle is in motion.

Be seated while in motion? What is even the point then? Also what?

Has anyone on the council ever been on one of these things???

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