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There are a few issues downtown that the city needs to address…and it comes with the combination of huge tourist crowds, excessive drinking, more and more residents moving in and the attraction to make “easy” money to a criminal.  I’ve had so many friends tell me they’ve been accosted walking back to their cars…and I think we even have a member here who was severely beaten…am I right?  A friend from Baltimore who just moved here was walking back to his car and was suddenly surrounded by 3 guys with a gun and they told him to give them all his money.  For some reason, he said, “I’m not giving you anything.”  They stood there a moment and then started laughing saying it was only a toy gun.  In my mind, my friend could have just as easily been killed.

Eventually….there’s going to have to be things done to make the area work a little better than for just the bachelorette parties and drunken tourists.  If it was just confined to those few blocks…it would be fine.  But the spillover (noise, traffic, party wagons, etc) into residential and other “quieter” neighborhoods is the problem…and people walking distances away from Broadway in the middle of the night to get to their cars is really dangerous.

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New Orleans has an aquarium across the street from a casino across the street from a high end mall, all around the corner from bourbon st. Then add in the shopping and restaurants on canal. There are restaurants on bourbon and in the French quarter. It's definitely a place where if you take kids during the day you're kinda OK from the drunks and craziness. At night, a different story. People know what happens in New Orleans. I think new tourist to Nashville don't know what the "new Nashville" is about and get shocked when they see lower broad on the weekends. 

I think Nashville does have an advantage over other cities because you can visit the museums during the day when they are open then visit other areas like the gulch midtown/west end, East Nash, 12 south, WeHo, and others for a more chill relaxed night for dinner and drinks. 

Nashville has lived up to its Vegas of the south name and people come from all over the world to party like they are in Vegas. The 3-5 story bars doesn't help, as well as the wagons boats, buses, taverns, planes. I think the demographics for visitors to Nashville has changed from what it used to be, to singles 21-30, bachelor and Bachelorette groups, and college students. 

What we have is unique, fun, profitable, and any other city would love to have a tourist district as Broadway. 

However there does need to be changes. Closing down Broadway on weekends and citing for public intoxication. They do this in Ybor city in Tampa which is a similar district as Broadway. Police will cite/arrest you in a minute and that makes folks think twice about getting wasted at a bar. Safety is an issue as well that needs to be addressed. 

We need the mayor and council to step up and do something.  


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16 minutes ago, donNdonelson2 said:

We need the bar owners to be a part of the solution, too! They’ve certainly benefited greatly from this disastrous situation.

Totally agree! $3 cheap liquor drinks, and 2 for 1s does not help. 

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Closing down Broadway will take state cooperation because it is a US Hwy. I think there should be a permanent reroute of US 70 off of Broadway and Hermitage at some point. This may even require federal involvement since it is a US Hwy.

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4 hours ago, natethegreat said:

3 dollar drinks on Broadway???? It’s $12 for a bud light down there 

Hahaha. It may be only for happy hour. I worked in bridgestone tower. Me and coworkers would go to happy hour on Friday's to a couple of places on Broadway. $2 shots and $3 well drinks at the one 4 story bar on the corner. 

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1 hour ago, MLBrumby said:

I think the views from the southwest (Gulch side) are the best followed by the views from the northwest (Charlotte One C1ty area). And boy! Hensler needs to get moving on his tower. The Peabody site looks awfully barren right there next to the KVB Bridge. 

Agreed on all points.  And that shot panning from left to right over the circle had me salivating imaging what it would look like with those three circle projects in place.  Just wow.

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1 hour ago, MLBrumby said:

I think the views from the southwest (Gulch side) are the best followed by the views from the northwest (Charlotte One C1ty area). And boy! Hensler needs to get moving on his tower. The Peabody site looks awfully barren right there next to the KVB Bridge. 

1000% agree.  And what's nice for photogs is the setting sun to the west illuminates the glass towers in a beautiful way.  The "golden hour" and "blue hour" is fantastic from this viewpoint.  

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For any of you who might be running tomorrow... be safe. Gonna be a hot one to say the least. I'm just hoping I still have sufficient energy to hang around after the half to watch The Struts play at 11AM.

Good luck!

Just realized this may have been better placed in the coffee house. My bad.

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53 minutes ago, jmtunafish said:

The state's March 2022 unemployment rate of 3.2 percent was the lowest in Tennessee history and shows that the state has largely recovered the jobs lost during the pandemic. The previous low was 3.3 percent set in August 2019. In August 2019 there were 3,237,976 Tennesseans employed, and in March 2022 there were 3,291,445 employed, an increase of 53,469. However, as you can see from the tables below, the bulk of the increase was concentrated in just a few areas. When looking at the figures below, keep in mind that some of these areas go into neighboring states.

metro area...March 2022 employment...change from Aug 2019
Johnson City...91,645...2,729

micro area...March 2022 employment...change from Aug 2019
Union City...13,918...-45

Great to see those numbers!  It appears to be a trend that is being seen in the rest of the nation for the most party to varying degrees, so hopefully that means the worst of the pandemic is behind all of us!   Fingers crossed!

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