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How Important Is Skyline Lighting?


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This subject has come up before, and I have always said I thought skyline lighting was very important to the look and feel of a city.

Recently I was leaving East Nashville going back home, and as I drove through the city, I remembered how much I miss the argon lit on the USBank Tower. So much so, I recently wrote a Letter to the Editor at the Tennessean to try to find out why, and they did not print the letter.

I also miss the messages on the Snodgrass Tower. For those new to the area, they used to say Joy, Peace, Merry Xmas etc... during the holidays. I remember Go Titans and several other messages over the years. Back when the city had few buildings over 300 feet, The Snodgrass Tower was a dominating presence, and the illumination was spectacular.

At one time, a group that owned the L&C Tower, wanted to remove the 25 foot letters from the building and the entire city was furious with the suggestion of it, so the letters stayed. They used to turn color. Blue/turquoise was rain, red was warm and dry, and both meant the weather would be a mix of rain and sunshine. That was so cool in the 1960's and 1970's.

Many cities have very sophisticated ways of illuminating the skyline. I especially like the neon tubes on buildings in Dallas, Chicago, and Atlanta. Imagine the Renaissance Tower illuminated with bright red and blue neon tubes outlining the building? That would be killer!

Imagine adding a gold spire to the Suntrust Tower at 201 Fourth Avenue North. The building is 292 feet. Imagine adding a 50 foot gold spire to match the glass of the building. That would be very cool!

The Nashville skyline could look badass if we just had some more imagination in how it's illuminated.

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I agree with you completely and have also addressed this before. I remember the argon lights and also the Snodgrass Tower messages. I also hate the way the At&t tower is lit now. They need to bring back the rest of the lights at the top! I think that Cincinnati is a great example of a well lit skyline and Atlanta too of course. I am currently stationed in the Virginia Beach area and the holiday lighting of the buildings in downtown Norfolk is very nice. Why Nashville doesn't do more to make out skyline stand out at night amazes me. I wish there was a way to contact the owners of the At&t building to find out why they don't illuminate the entire building anymore.

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