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Looking At the Citrus Bowl


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WFTV Channel 9 is presenting a special on Tue Dec 27 at 8pm, which looks at the history of the Citrus Bowl (fka Tangerine Bowl) going back to its founding as the city's municipal stadium in 1936 (a stimulus project, we might add, during the Great Depression) and its impact on the region as it has grown. I'm told it will also put that in the context of its next possible expansion. An interesting bit of context for those who are interested in how we got here.

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Thanks. Didn't see it in real time, but watched the presentation online. It was a bit cheer-leady but makes good points. I think they have a winner in the bowl is like a convention center and you don't make either for what you have, but what you can get arguments.

But pissing off UCF was a big mistake by venue management. Maybe they need some new blood.

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This was a great presentation by WFTV. Anyone who has followed the bowls this weekend (and I am in Boston) can understand the importance that these games bring to Orlando -- huge national exposure for the city. I do hope Orlando finds a way to renovate the Citrus Bowl before it is too late.

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