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Amtrak horn in Hartford

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I live in northern Newington and can hear a train horn several times a day from my house. I always assumed it was the Amtrak train crossing Flatbush Avenue in Hartford. The other day I took my son to watch a train go by on Summitt Street, and was sure the horn would be even louder. However, we didn't hear a horn at all. So I'm the horn we hear at our house not an Amtrak train but another train, or does the Amtrak train only use its horn some of the time?

Incidently, I was shocked at how fast and loud that train was going by. I'd love to know its speed at that point (Newington Junction going south). There is of course a fence, but it was still only about 40-50 feet away from us. It was something!

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I have no answers for you at all, but from Rt 3 in Wethersfield I hear a train whistle from time to time, not sure whose train it is or what direction, just know I hear one.

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