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So I've been doing a daily (or not) photo log of Cincinnati. Most can be found at my site, UrbanUp. Since I haven't posted here in a very long time, I'll post back all of the oldies and the new ones at the same time :)

12 December 22, 2011

During some down time that I had while working on a project, I wandered over to the Mill Creek valley and began photographing the various viaducts and bridges that criss cross over waterways, highways and railroads. The 8th Street Viaduct, which received a new bridge deck, new railings, lights and improved superstructural elements, was given a new white paint coating. The charcoal colored roadway under the viaduct, which was once hemmed in by large warehouses and factories, now opens to weeds and large vacant lots.


Under the Viaduct: http://urbanup.net/2011/12/22/photographs/daily-photo/under-the-viaduct/

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11 December 7, 2011

The McAlpin, at 15 West 4th Street in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, is the definition of urban residential living in the heart of the city. The development features 62 condominiums and was the partnership between Madison Marquette and JFP Properties. It was completed at a cost of $25 million.

Two Renaissance Revival buildings were constructed in 1859 and 1873 for the John Shillito Company and the Robert Mitchell Furniture Company. Noted architect James McLaughlin designed the Shillito building, while the Mitchell Furniture building was designed by James Keys Wilson. In 1901, the George W. McAlpin Company purchased the Mitchell Furniture Company building and converted the property into the McAlpin Department Store. Over the years, the store expanded into neighboring buildings, which remained in operation until 1996.

The photograph below is from the lobby of The McAlpin, themed out to St. Xavier, a Jesuit Catholic high school in Cincinnati. Or, to my employer – Xavier University!


A McAlpin Christmas: http://urbanup.net/2011/12/07/photographs/daily-photo/a-mcalpin-christmas/

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