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La Grande Vitesse Casino and Convention Center in NYC?!

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So here I am looking through random architecture websites Sat. morning, when I come across this.

"Casino The Key to Queens Convention Center Funding

Why would a company agree to fully fund the construction of a multi-billion-dollar convention center miles away from midtown Manhattan, when such projects are regularly heavily subsidized money losers? If you answered"casino", then you're a winner! Part of the deal that Governor Cuomo signed with Malaysia's Genting Group to build a convention center at the Aqueduct site near JFK includes an agreement to allow the expansion of Genting'sexisting gambling site at Aqueduct into an all-out casino in New York City,according to the WSJ."

Nothing all that interesting until I happened to glance at the rendering that accompanied the story:



Why didnt we think of that?

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Somebody better put surveillance on the Calder. Looks like someone is going to fly in and steal our sculpture.

Nah, that's the size of the one at the airport.


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