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Springfield, Ohio: Lagonda Bank Building


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The Lagonda Bank Building is located in downtown Springfield, Ohio at the corner of Main Street and Fountain Avenue. The bank was organized in 1873. In 1927, their original Italianate-styled office building was renovated, removing all original architectural elements.

1 Below is a view of the Lagonda Bank Building prior to the 1927-1928 renovation.


2 The scanned photograph below is the Lagonda Bank after its renovations.


By 1948, the Lagonda Bank Building had become too crowded so a mezzanine level was constructed. In 1963, the exterior was once given a renovation headed by the local Interstate Maintenance and Engineering Company, which included a new painted exterior, the replacement of the rusting metal cornice and trim with limestone and rebuilt windows.

3 Below is a before-and-after of the Lagonda Bank Building.




On July 10, 1966, a dedication ceremony was held for the new Lagonda Bank building at North Street and Fountain Avenue. The two-story building, designed by A.C. Leander of Columbus and built by Rodgers Construction of Springfield, measured 50 feet by 160 feet with a surface lot for 37 cars and a drive-in window. The colonial design featured 26 Roman doric columns, with the front columns weighing one ton each and the remainder weighing 1,400 pounds each. Inside, the first floor consisted of a main lobby, main vault and safety deposit box area, the commercial loan department and closing office, along with the president’s office, installation loan department, travel department and closing department. The second floor included the board room, various offices, and a loan closing room. The basement contained the bookkeeping department and a lunch room, along with mechanics.



Today, both the original and replacement Lagonda Bank Building are vacant.







Further Reading

a. Lagonda Bank Building (blog): http://urbanup.net/2012/01/09/developments/ohio/lagonda-bank-building/

b. Lagonda Bank Building: http://urbanup.net/cities/ohio/springfield-ohio/downtown-springfield-ohio/lagonda-bank-building/

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