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36 Lewis St.


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This is encouraging. It will be interesting to see what the final redevelopment plan is for this property. I've looked at this property many times wondering what the best use for it would be. Apartments would be nice or a two story restaurant could also be pretty awesome here.



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Not sure if you guys saw this or not, but this has hit the papers with the details.


The plan is to remove the 1 story addition that kind of looks like it was a garage.

they are also replacing the front porch.

The result will be 6 townhomes.

The partnership that bought the historic, former home hopes to convert it into six townhouse-style apartments – three, one-bedroom and three, two-bedroom. according to William Crosskey, of Crosskey Architects, the Hartford architects hired for the project.

I love this project because it is of some kind of realistic scale and is greater proof that Hartford is the place to live!

I would love to get one of the 2 bedrooms!

So close to the park, So close to everything!

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