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Hartford's iQuilt Plan for Downtown

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Here's a link to the just-released iQuilt Plan in the form of a "Pocket Guide": http://iq2.squarespa...0Jan%202012.pdf

The full 120-page Overview is supposed to be online on January 24.

There has been a lot of news coverage of the iQuilt recently:

The Plan is also relevant to other Urban Planet discussions on downtown Hartford, including proposed renovations of the XL Center, and the State of Connecticut possibly relocating many of its office into downtown commercial space, and freeing up its holdings, especially around Bushnell Park, for housing.

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The iquilt is interesting.

I would be happy if they just followed through on the plans for Bushnell Park. Making the rink permanent and moving the carousel nearer to the pump house both make sense. It would also make sense to turn the pump house into a permanent restaurant and warming hut.

The restoration of flowing water is an aesthetic home run.

One thing I didn't see on the plan was the removal of the parking lot on the north side of the capitol. It doesn't belong in the park. If they built underground parking there that would be fine. But it is totally unneeded as there is a parking structure to the west of the capitol.

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      I thought we could use a thread just for Park developments, the riverfront, and green spaces (ie, the sugar pad, kanawha plaza, Tpot bridge, etc..). Didn't know if we already have one, if so I'll figure out how to delete this and bring up the old one (just let me know). 
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      I was on a bike ride the other day attempting to make the Buttermilk East > Flood Wall connection and was happy to see the path was diverted because work on the Browns Island Dam Walk has begun.  You can see the work from the north side of the river quite clearly I now notice.  I'll take some pictures when the rain lets up.  I'm excited about this project.
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      I couldn't find a thread about Matthews, or generally about the small towns right around CLT, so I'm making this for all things regarding my home town of Matthews! Is anyone else from the area, or live there? There is some development happening now and down the road, but I haven't seen any info on it on the boards or on the development maps. 
      First, I noticed another parcel in the North End district, right along N Trade St, is now under construction, but I can't find any info about it anywhere. Anyone have any insight about it? I'm loving how North End is looking and feeling. As they continue to connect more and more streets around downtown they're really expanding the urban footprint.

      Also, the Silver Line talks have made me interested in how Matthews will develop its eventual TOD areas. Anyone think that once the Silver Line gets funded (God/Allah/Ganesh-willing), Matthews will have the potential to become a mini-urban center outside of CLT? Like Sommerville, MA or something? Food for thought.
      Another is one I don't know how to feel about. Plantation Estates (Which has a big retirement community complex up Fullwood Ln on 51) is expanding onto the wooded parcel across the street from the big Methodist Church on S Trade St, behind that ever-present brick wall that's always been there. Here's another story that talks about the local concerns. Okay, sure, I understand. The Boomers are aging, they want places to feel at home. And elderly citizens are a stable tax base to have in a municipality (no kids to use up the public services/schools), as well as wanting to live in walkable communities. But my biggest issue is them gating it. Which I understand, they also want safety. But when you look at how adjacent the parcel is to the downtown gridded-street network, it seems like a waste of what could have been a well-designed SOUTH End district. But fortunately, the developer is going to extend the four-mile creek greenway from its current terminus that spits out onto Trade St, so that it wraps all around its property, along Fullwood and Trade, and connecting to Freemont. So that is nice for the suburbs further out there, at least. I am wondering if I'm just too young to appreciate diversifying your age demographics.

      Anyway. Any thoughts? Opinions about Matthews? News updates?