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Hartford's iQuilt Plan for Downtown

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Here's a link to the just-released iQuilt Plan in the form of a "Pocket Guide": http://iq2.squarespa...0Jan%202012.pdf

The full 120-page Overview is supposed to be online on January 24.

There has been a lot of news coverage of the iQuilt recently:

The Plan is also relevant to other Urban Planet discussions on downtown Hartford, including proposed renovations of the XL Center, and the State of Connecticut possibly relocating many of its office into downtown commercial space, and freeing up its holdings, especially around Bushnell Park, for housing.

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The iquilt is interesting.

I would be happy if they just followed through on the plans for Bushnell Park. Making the rink permanent and moving the carousel nearer to the pump house both make sense. It would also make sense to turn the pump house into a permanent restaurant and warming hut.

The restoration of flowing water is an aesthetic home run.

One thing I didn't see on the plan was the removal of the parking lot on the north side of the capitol. It doesn't belong in the park. If they built underground parking there that would be fine. But it is totally unneeded as there is a parking structure to the west of the capitol.

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      Recently @Jones_ posted in the Triangle Economic News thread about Kane's desire for better transit at North Hills and how it would be amusing if he ended up being what could light a fire to cause light rail to actually become a thing around here.
      This could be a fun exercise in the creativity of people on here.  If you had to figure out how to run a light rail line between downtown (let's say the new Union Station) to North Hills, how would you route it?  Would you go straight up Capital and over?  Would you add a jog over to Five Points?  Where would you have stops (if any)?  Are the kind of developer that would be frugal/conservative to the community, would you bulldoze a daycare while laughing from your corner office, would you find a balance somewhere in between?  Go go go!
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      There is a new ARB Report out on the Colonial Pedestrian Overpass Bridge with renderings and final approval of the lighting plan.
      Report says project is scheduled to commence construction First Quarter of 2017.  I can confirm that work has started with site clearing and pile driving. Crews flagged the area and removed multiple trees in the right of way for the project next to SteelHouse this month. I expect sitework to begin and we may see vertical construction soon.  I will keep updates going as the project progresses, as I live in Steelhouse. Renderings below.

      Aerial Plan:

      Lighting Rendering Looking from East to West: 
      Lighting Rendering Looking from West to East: 
      OUT Approach to Bridge from Downtown:

      Truss Uplighting Detail on Span:

      Looks pretty cool.  I just hope they can vary the colors on that Pylon and Ramp. 
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      I thought we could use a thread just for Park developments, the riverfront, and green spaces (ie, the sugar pad, kanawha plaza, Tpot bridge, etc..). Didn't know if we already have one, if so I'll figure out how to delete this and bring up the old one (just let me know). 
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