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Can someone make sense of this for me


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who cares? we win one for once!!!!

in all honesty though I recall seeing something like this(per capita economic output) and we were #6

I think, and it may be that highly productive city steam beer I just drank..... but I think it is when they tape the city population, 124K peeps, and divide the cities grose domestic product by that.... and so since in Hartford we have companies with economic outputs that match compaines.. eg aetna, travelers, The Hartford ...... welll we win.

NYC dominates us in econ output, but they have 7 million people... I dunno just recollection...

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Hartford is always at the top or near the top of these lists yet it's never adequately publicized regionally, nationally, or globally. We are terrible at tooting our own horn around these parts. If somebody with half a brain was running the Metro Hartford Alliance, DECD, ect. this would be a TV, radio, and print ad right now. Malloy would be touting this at Davos. CT is home to two of the top 10 most productive cities in the world with Hartford being number 1! C'mon these guys need to seriously reevaluate their marketing efforts if this doesn't get splashed all over business publications worldwide over the coming year.

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