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New U.S. 311 Strip Center for High Point


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HIGH POINT — With the fate of Oak Hollow Mall still up in the air, developers may be starting to make room for another shopping center in High Point.

Recently, CBL & Associates asked the N.C. Department of Transportation if it could buy surplus right-of-way near U.S. 311 at Old Plank Road and N. Main Street. The area is 17.8 acres.

Project Manager and Director of Sustainable Initiatives Mike Phillips also asked for a break in the existing control of access along Old Plank Road.

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This will be it, you're right. Target will probably move there too and a Kohl's will open .... those are my predictions. And with it being CBL (former owners of Oak Hollow, current owners of practically every other major center in the triad with the exception of four seasons) ... you know it will be a *dreaded* Lifestyle Center.

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