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What's going on on the East Bank between Shelby St. and KVB?


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Anyone know what's going on here? I noticed that there's a lot of construction going on after perusing Google Maps new angled aerial views of downtown Nashville. Didn't notice this last time I was in town, somehow...


Is this the amphitheater that's been previously discussed? Please pardon my ignorance!

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That is part of Phase 1 of the riverfront plan. This is the Adventure Park, NaBriCo building rehab/reuse, and a few other things (small, like lawn areas). The thread is buried a few pages back here: http://www.urbanplan...nt-development/.

There is a link in the thread to a nice pdf of Phase 1 here: http://www.nashville..._I_projects.pdf

Main web site here with lots of goodies (pdfs, plan, etc.) to get you up to speed: http://www.nashvilleriverfront.org/

This is one of my favorite projects and will transform Nashville if completed. Phase 1 is at least pretty much locked since Dean set aside $30 mil for the next few years.

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The new Sounds Ball Park would be located at the foot of the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge on the parking lot that has the porous pavement that looks as if it painted white.

Guessing that would mean re-routing a lot of the streets there? Not a very big footprint, even for a minor league stadium.

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I share that thought. That site does not seem to offer a lot of room. And of all the paving to take up, do they have to take up the porous pavement?

Exactly my thoughts. With all the under-used industrial wasteland that's on that side of the river, is it necessary to do that? Assuming you could establish eminent domain over some of these sites, you could do some impressive stuff with a few of these lots and still have them connected to downtown and the other parks and stadiums via pedestrian routes.

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Props to Mayor Dean, his administration, and everyone else who put this together. I hope this is just the beginning of the revitalization of our Riverfront.

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