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A Democratic Socialist's Ideas for the U.S.


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I used to be a Democrat. For years and years. Then the Democratic Party shifted so far to the right there was no way I could associate myself with it any further. My personal values tell me that the Democrats are now just another warmongering, corporate party.

So I'm looking more to Europe for political hope these days. Democratic Socialism, i.e. countries like Sweden and Denmark. Nations where war and oil aren't the central focus of the country.

I'm much too far to the left to be considered a Democrat any more.

Here are some ideas I have for our country: (of course they're just my opinions, which don't mean very much-lol)

****Within 6 months close all foreign military bases. Within 6 months bring all soldiers home, and through attrition, reduce the manpower of the military to normal Western standards.

****Shut down the CIA, and seize it's billions of dollars in properties and assets.

****Shut down Homeland Security (one of the biggest shams in recent memory)

****Full audit of FEMA, and the Federal Reserve.

****kick out all lobbysts from Washington D.C., end the Electoral College, and have full election monitoring, even at the most minor levels, by U.N. agencies. End corporate contributions to campaigns.

****immediately set up a $100 billion fund for a massive new ARTS PROGRAM. Beautiful, inspiring statues, and works of art all over America. Expanded museums, art and music festivals, free to all citizens. Art and music classes free to all citizens that are interested.

****immediately end poverty, hunger and homelessness in the U.S. Yes it can be done.

****immediate massive programs to build bridges and roads and highways that are always needed.

If we just stopped these insane wars, we could be that kind of society. A happy, peaceful society, more concerned with new museums, than new military bases and war carriers.

Just a Democratic Socialist's 2 cents.:)

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Have y'all ever looked at world-wide "quality of life" statistical charts?

One of the biggest reasons people in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway have such a high standard of living is that their governments don't get massively entangled in illegal foreign wars.

The USA and the UK spend TRILLIONS of dollars on bombs, aircraft carriers, munitions, foreign bases, clandestine activities, and the salaries of millions of personnel. At the same time, the Scandanavian countries invest in their streets and bridges, their educational standards, their meticulous care of the health and welfare of the Scandanavian people, public art, and high culture.

All the USA has to do is end all these illegal and immoral wars, close all those unnecessary bases, stop illegally attacking other countries, and the American people could be at the top of that statistical list.

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