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Center City Development Maps

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Since I am loosing track of the apartment projects announced in the South corridor I put together a map showing the locations of announcements I could find and any assoicated information like the number of units. I also added the uptown, Seigle Point and midtown projects which I knew about. I included the Strawn project not because it looks eminent, but I felt like it was important.

The map is available here to edit: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zVkgech8oPvQ.kAkwm8EIn_7Y



It is very likely that 1) I missed some projects and 2) I messed up some project boundaries (I did not check Polaris for parcel ownership). I am happy to make any corrections requested.

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I see that you added Lofts at Seigle Point.

I just bought a place in Seigle Point so I was wondering how long it'd be before they developed the front two lots by the road. Any word on how many of those will be condo's vs apartments? The construction journal says it will be both, but doesn't specify quantity.

Thanks for the map, there is more going on than I thought.

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The source I had for Seigle Point did not provide a start date or further details, it just listed it as "proposed"

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There's the apartments going in on 7th in Elizabeth, Mercury NoDa, Mosaic Village in Seversville and then a 6 or so story apartment complex going in on Morehead I think near Berkeley.

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Thanks. Updated (I think).

Also added the still fuzzy Mecklenburg Mills project in NoDa.

Edited by kermit

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They are also building out a number of new (3 story?) town homes on West 6th btwn Sycamore and Irwin in Gateway City area right by Rays Splash Planet. On ther map you can see the rectangular area pretty clearly.

Most of the framed are completed. Which raises the question of the impact of the proposed towers over there (I think the land abuts it though instead of being on it)

P.S. Great map and I'm surprised at how much is going on too!

Edited by Urbanity

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If you are adding streetcar and townhome development. The Double Oaks Redevelopment is going full force with the sales center now open.

Oh and proposed apartments at Morehead and Millerton behind Charlotte School of Law (the square area surrounded by trees)

Edited by rjp212

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^ Originally I only intended to map the South End apartment projects. I guess it got away from me.

Thanks for the additions.

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The streetcar starter project goes all the way to Presby on Trade and Elizabeth. There are so few other projects, you might as well add non-apartment projects, like Bearden Park and Skye Condo-hotel.

Also the Levine "project" is half that size, as the southern part of what you show is part of the greenway.

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Thanks. The truncated streetcar was an editing error (now fixed). Not sure I have the revised boundaries of the Levine project correct but I gave it a shot.

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There are a couple more things in the pipeline in NoDa:-

-first, the Mercury project extends to the whole containing block (to Mercury, Davidson, Alexander & 36th).

-there is a proposed condo project called Studio 6 on Davidson @ the "creek" across from Faison Ave.

-there is a proposed 4 story condo project on 35th & Yadkin corner in rezoning right now

-there is a proposed 4 story condo project on Davidson just past Herrin (next to existing Renaissance)

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^ Thanks, I thought I had missed a good bit in NoDa.

I also thought I heard about a smallish project beside the tracks at 36th (there were issues with the height of the building and the SEHSR / BLE extension construction if memory serves)

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Awesome map! Just some minor tweaks on project limits:

-Streetcar starter project turns on Hawthorne Ln, ending at E 5th St

-Sky/Hyatt is between 3rd & 4th

-Silos is on both sides of Poindexter Dr at Griffith St

-Southline goes up to Spectrum on Hawkins St

-Centro does not reach Hawkins St, but stops mid-block off Camden Rd, as an "L" behind Price's

-Morehead is beside the dead rezoning of Planet Five, closer to Kenilworth Ave than Harding Pl

-Levine includes the sales center on Metropolitan Ave at Kings Dr

-JBL (fka Winter Elizabeth) stops at Bascom Ext to Cameron Ave

-Mercury NoDa wraps around the existing Neighborhood Theatre/Boudreaux's buildings

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^ thanks. I think I have it all fixed. I had no idea the streetcar was going beyond the existing tracks on Elizabeth -- very glad to hear it will turn the corner. I think I have the boundaries improved, but I am still pretty fuzzy on the Morehead project.

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I didn't know southline was soooo huge! thats great! I just wish something would happen with the land on the opposite side of the tracks. What WAS supposed to go there? I cannot remember. I bet you didn't know what a pain in the ass your map was going to become once we all got a hold of it ;0)

Edited by ricky_davis_fan_21

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Bearden park is sadly half that size. Only between MLK (2nd) and 3rd, Poplar and Church.

Whoa. When did that change? I always thought it was supposed to go up against Mint St. That was the reason why Poplar was supposed to be closed off between MLK and 3rd.

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Not that I know of any projects missing, but this map highlights the dearth of projects going in in Plaza-Midwood. I know there is the new Harris Teeter but is there really nothing else planned?

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