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The most transit accessible block in the world! (a challenge)

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So, here is a challenge. Find a single block anywhere in the world that has more direct transit options than my submission. There may be several, or there may be none. To be clear, i'm talking about one stretch of a single street, between two cross streets, that has a direct loading point to each form of transit.

The block that i present to you is....

Market St. San Francisco, CA

between 4th and 5th

Below grade (level 2)

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)-Heavy Rail

Below grade (level 1)

MUNI Metro -light rail

Street Level

MUNI-Electric Buses


***MUNI also operates diesel buses through this block, but i don't want to count buses twice****

Cable Cars- a SF legend!

Electric Street Cars- MUNI operated


So, that's what i am including in the parameters of this competition. To summarize, that's 4 different forms of rail (Heavy, light, cable car, electric streetcar) and electric buses.

Other things of note on Market St.;

Taxi's of course, and bike lanes.

Within a few blocks of Market (between 4th&5th)

Caltrain- commuter rail




High Speed Rail- coming soon! (or should i say MAYBE coming in the relative future)

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