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Mystery Belk


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Hello everyone, I need some help identifying a Belk store in a photo that someone else posted to a Facebook group several months ago.

All I know is that the photo was taken in October 1993, and that it could be in Georgia or the Carolinas. I've checked several small towns in Georgia and a few in the Carolinas with the help of Google Earth's historical imagery, which usually includes images from 1993 or 1994. The unique thing is that the road in the picture is a four-lane road with angled (not parallel) street parking, which actually eliminates a lot of towns I've looked at.

Thanks your all your help!


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hmmmmmm as far as I know by '93 or '94 most Belk stores in North Carolina had already abandoned their small downtown locations....there were still several downtown Belks in the Triangle area around that time but they were called Hudson Belk or Belk Leggett. I think most Belk stores in NC were hyphenated aside from in the Charlotte region were they were always just "Belk". So my guess is if this store is from NC it would have to be one of the small towns around Charlotte. Not sure if stores outside of NC were hyphenated in the '90s or not....hope that helps some lol

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