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Celebrities in Charlotte


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This is more for fun, but I'm curious. Have any of you had any celeb sightings in Charlotte? We've got two pro teams and a moderately bustling film industry, there should be some decent ones.

I just saw Charles Johnson (Carolina Panthers, highest paid player in NFL) at the Teeter on Providence. Who have you seen? And where?!

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celeb citings in the queen city begin and end with...

Rick Flair

He likes to sit at the bar at Zen Asian Fusion

Much less cool was Clair Danes at Big Ben and Damian Lewis at the East blvd Teeter (both of them were filming Homeland at the time)

I did see Jerry Richardson eating at Bill Spoon's a few months after his heart transplant.

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I don't live in Charlotte anymore so my contributions are old.

• I saw Ron Jeremy filling up his car at the Exxon at West Mallard Creek Church Rd. and N. Tryon about 6 years ago.

• My ex-aunt got in a bar fight with Ric Flair

• I ran into Gweneth Paltrow jogging in Pellyn Wood a few times in the early 2000s.

• I have given Chilly Willy a ride to the liquor store on Graham, does he count as a celeb?

Too bad this doesn't include my experiences in NYC, my clumsy self has accidentally stumbled into or tripped both Anne Hathaway and Blake Lively and spilled a drink on Joshua Jackson.

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