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Hidden Network of Tunnels

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drumsy    46

I just saw an advertisement for an 11:00 PM feature on WCNC.

Charlotte: Vulnerable to Attack?

The hidden network of tunnels open to anyone.

Any ideas on specifics?

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carolinagarnet    143

It seems pretty naive to think that Secret Security is not monitoring the underground tunnels. Nothing would look worse for the Democratic Party or the city of Charlotte than some sort of security incident at the DNC. I would think that the storm drains would be a critical element of any comprehensive security plan.

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ah59396    2912

I agree. Haven't these people played video games before???

If the door is locked or guarded by bad guys, you try vents above and come through the ceiling OR pipes under the floor that allow you come up and attack. This stuff is like "Sneak Attack 101".

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