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How the world see's NC


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Searched for a place to post this and nothing seemed appropriate. So, here goes:

Just when you think things can't get any worse, you read something like this:


The blog this came from is pretty well read all over. This coming from a Christian! Really! A Christian!

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DC, I fully expected the Amendment to pass, but not by such a large margin. The videos that have surfaced from NC churches infuriated me. After a little time has passed, I think if I looked at any state, I would probably find equally offensive videos. These just happened to surface at an odd time. hmmm..... Maybe this was done after the vote to smack NC.

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I believe the preacher gave the sermon May 13th (the Sunday after the vote) which is explains the timing of the vid going viral.....I've always heard that if you live in the Triangle you are living in a bit of a socially progressive bubble compared to most of NC, although I can't imagine this is what is talked about in church in the more rural parts of the state. Then again I have heard that 44% of the voters in the state are comsidered "evangelical protestants" so perhaps I really am living in an RTP bubble lol.

By the way yes the big blue area on the coast of the attached map is meant to represent Dare County :-p


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