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The Herald covers the condo boom

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There's a few articles here, some more intersting than others. It provides a good overview of what's going on in Miami. I'll try to highlight the interesting stuff.


notice the anti-development slant in this first article. It's a slowly breaking wave sweeping over south florida. I'm starting to see more and more of it around.


At newest Miami digs, one word says it all

If you believe local developers' hype, to be young and hip -- and a little bit rich -- in Miami means to live in a condo with a one-word name.


[email protected]

A crystal-ball peek into the future of Biscayne Boulevard, as provided by your friendly neighborhood developer:

Miami's grand old thoroughfare -- and the neighborhoods that surround it -- will be trendy, more cultured than what you're used to and a tad pricey.

Your new home? It might sound like a South Beach nightclub (Blue), a grungy 1990s rock band (Nirvana) or a misspelled geometry term (Kubik).

What it won't sound like is a sentence.

In the wave of development sweeping across Miami's urban core, the one-word condo name is king.

Quantum. Cit

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