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What is that?

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Two things

1: What is that huge crane doing over by Hartford Hospital? from I-91 it looks to be S of the glass office tower on Park, but N of the main HH towers. it also appears to be slightly east of them. It is a frekin big crane! what is it doing?

2: The demolition and new construction at the NU building next to the whitehead and I-91

what isa going on there? looks like a decent sized project involving the removal of a whole wing of the building and now new construction too. anyone know anything?

anyone else have questions like these?

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I drove by the NU building today. It looks like they are building a garage to house some of their vehicles.

Im pretty sure that crane is for the 9 story garage under construction on Hudson Street which leads me to another question.... didnt they announce a while ago they were going to build a huge garage on Seymour and Retreat? Did they move the location? Or are they building two garages?

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this is all google told me

The hospital broke ground on a nine-story, 440,000-square-foot parking garage with a built-in fitness center to be exclusively used by the staff. “This will ultimately relieve some of the pressure off of other parking areas for the benefit of our patients and visitors,” Patel explains.

But I saw this in the HBJ


The hospital is expected to start construction in the fall, likely October, on a $40 million parking garage with 1,200 spaces on Hudson Street between Park and Jefferson streets. Those parking spaces will be mostly for staff, adding to about 5,000 parking spaces on the hospital's campus.

and this all confuses me because like you said, i thought the garage was at Seymour and Retreat.


All I can figure now is that I had been lumping 2 projects together as one... There is apparently an employee garage of 1200 spaces with a gym on Hudson Street between Park and Jefferson streets being built now, and another gargae with 1,235 spaces at Seymour and Retreat.

I also just noticed that the one being built now is listed as a $40million Garage, and the Seymour one listed as 47 Million.

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