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SBC-DFW passenger rail line

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According to the following article, it looks like we're getting closer to securing a passenger rail line beween SBC and DFW. This is contingent upon a couple of things, such as a feasability study and funding from both Louisiana and Texas. I don't know what the findings of the study will be, but it sounds like Louisiana and Texas are willing to pay up to get the service running. According to this article, passenger rail in SBC went away shortly before the beginning of Amtrak. What a shame, all this time we could have had an Amtrak line coming through here. It seems odd to me that Texarkana, TX and Marshall, TX, both very small cities, have Amtrak lines but not SBC with a combined population of about 400,000, which is many times the populations of the aforementioned cities.


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Thanks for the head's up...if those smaller cities have Amtrak Lines it would only make since SBC has it too! I realize studies are needed...but I'm tired of all these studies that never seem to get anywhere.

I'm with you. It seems like every project that a city spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on a study for never goes anywhere. That's why I like Bossier City's approach. Shreveport years ago was going to spend a lot of money on a study to see if a new arena was feasible. While they were doing their study, Bossier City said, "Guess what everyone, we're going to build a 15,000-seat arena with NO study!" And they did. That was the start of Bossier building bigger and better projects than Shreveport.

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