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24 S. Division - Lucky's Spirits


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I've been inside the store before. It is actually very clean, professional place, and not at all like many (99.9%) of the liquor stores you see. It's more like a tiny version of Smitty's in Eastown.

However, it is where it is and sometimes the clentile is a bit rough as my wife found out. Made her so uncomfotable she stopped going there.

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I stopped into Dodd's once years ago when I saw the door being propped open and customers leaving with merchandise. I told the owner (I assume it was the owner.. it's whoever was behind the counter) that until I had seen that, the way the store is presented I had always assumed they were out of business. He responded with something about kids throwing rocks in the windows decades ago and that's why he doesn't really want windows at all.. and also went on about how he thinks Division is still just as bad as it always was and the development in the area meant nothing. (To be fair, the remodeled store fronts across the street were at the time completely empty, and Gallery on Fulton wasn't even a rendering yet.) I have a feeling that time has not changed his opinion, though.

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